Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Swim Suit Changes Everything

I've begun wearing my drag suit once again. I had stopped for a while since I had noticed a huge drop in my time/lap when I wore it (minimum +2 seconds/lap, often more). Am wearing it again now, twice a week, and am finding it is making a significant improvement on my overall performance. On days I wear it there is that "drag" effect I have to deal with (I hate feeling like I'm being held back). But on alternate days when I wear some other suit (above the knee or above hip), I not only feel like I'm going faster, I am going faster than I had before I ever started wearing the drag suit. I set a personal record for my indoor mile a couple weeks ago and I attribute it almost entirely to the extra effort the drag suit requires. Because it frustrates me so, to go slow, I'm focusing more on my pull and kick. My reach is farther out, my stroke more full and I'm keeping my arms straighter during the pull. This combined with a deeper kick is building muscle I didn't know was even available. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with the former-college swimmers this summer (my never ending quest).

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