Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Struggling to Swim? Good for You - Seriously

Yesterday, as I was swimming my laps, feeling kind of smug as I zoomed past some guy who was really kicking up a storm and getting nowhere, it dawned on me that that guy was probably getting more exercise than I was.  Yes, the guy who was doing 10 laps (maybe fewer) to my 50 was getting more out of his workout than me.  Why? Pretty simple physics, actually.  He's working harder than I am.  Probably 10x harder than I am for every meter.  Sure, I know how to swim well. That's why it can be easy for me.  I don't have to work nearly as hard.  I can cruise through my workout and get out like I just got out of bed (pretty smug, huh?). So, here's my salute. If you are in the pool and you are pushing yourself (struggling perhaps) and you see someone swim smoothly past, just know you are getting as much or more out of your workout as that "good" swimmer.  Unless they are kicking their own butt so they come out fatigued - having worked their cardio and other muscles like you - you're doing more for yourself than they.  Good for you! Seriously!