Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best Door to an Indoor Pool Ever

Have you ever tried to sneak into a pool when it was closed? It's usually not too difficult. This might challenge you a bit more. Source: Unknown.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

New Federal Rules for Beach Swimmers

New rules - some say controversial - are scheduled to go into effect this Memorial Day for beach-goers around the country just in time for summer.

Due to the sometimes violent, always unpredictable nature of the oceans that surround nearly three-fourth's of our nation's landmass, all swimmers venturing past ankle depth in any ocean, bay or estuary on the continental United States will be required to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

This is as much a cost-saving measure as a life-saving measure. Cities around the country, strapped for cash are cutting back on their life-guard expenses and they've appealed to the federal government for help. The matter was taken into consideration last year, and after an extended study and comment period, passed the law with little fan fair. As it matches well with the Government's sense that people want to take personal responsibility for their safety, an enforced life-jacket rule will allow both cities and beach-goers to still enjoy the beach safely and keep their taxes low.

Unsurprisingly not everyone is thrilled with the idea and the concerns go beyond tan lines. Hawaii and Puerto Rico have asked for and been granted waivers as a large portion of their beach goers are from other countries and they fear the law would encourage travelers to seek other destinations. Florida and California also requested waivers but were not granted same.

* * * *

Like last April 1st, I'm getting comments (spam?) that imply belief in the subject above. Just to set the record straight, for anyone thinking this is a legitimate post, it is not (neither was last year's post). This too was an April Fools joke. Note the wink at the end of the original posts.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Struggling to Swim? Good for You - Seriously

Yesterday, as I was swimming my laps, feeling kind of smug as I zoomed past some guy who was really kicking up a storm and getting nowhere, it dawned on me that that guy was probably getting more exercise than I was.  Yes, the guy who was doing 10 laps (maybe fewer) to my 50 was getting more out of his workout than me.  Why? Pretty simple physics, actually.  He's working harder than I am.  Probably 10x harder than I am for every meter.  Sure, I know how to swim well. That's why it can be easy for me.  I don't have to work nearly as hard.  I can cruise through my workout and get out like I just got out of bed (pretty smug, huh?). So, here's my salute. If you are in the pool and you are pushing yourself (struggling perhaps) and you see someone swim smoothly past, just know you are getting as much or more out of your workout as that "good" swimmer.  Unless they are kicking their own butt so they come out fatigued - having worked their cardio and other muscles like you - you're doing more for yourself than they.  Good for you! Seriously!