Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Simple Tip for Hair Care for Swimmers

There are a lot of strange theories about what can happen to your hair if you are a regular swimmer - for good reason. You know those little blond kids who get green hair in the late summer? It's from the chlorine and I suspect some copper (where does that come from?). You know those adults with frizzy, split ends? It's from the chlorine and boric acid and whatever else they're adding to your nice clean water. You know that dry skin and chlorine permeated skin you've been getting? Ditto.

I can't say I've solved these problems, but I've taken some tips from a hair stylist I once had. One summer I was having a particularly bad time. My long (longer than the short cut I now sport), thick locks turning to dried out saw grass. Knowing I was a swimmer he suggested clarifying shampoo and sold me a $20 dollar bottle of this clear stuff. I took it, price and all, suspiciously. But it worked great, almost right from the start. I bought several more bottles until I saw $0.99 bottle of the same (different label) at the supermarket and I've never looked back. Basically clarifying shampoo strips the crap out of your hair (chlorine buildup, oil, etc.) and leaves nothing in it. I put a little conditioner in it and rinse. The conditioner adds back a little oil and gives you some shine you may strip out with the clarifier.

Seeing how this worked so well, I've taken to using the clarifying shampoo as a body wash. It strips the chlorine odor that permeates the skin if you swim daily. For $0.99, it can't be beat!


  1. What brand of shampoo is this? I've been having trouble with dry hair for awhile because I'm on a competitve team, and I'm in the pool at least 5 times a week for long periods of time. Plus now thats its freezing cold winter in Canada it doesn't help much! Great blog by the way. Very useful! ;)

  2. I use Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo (note: this is not a product endorsement ... just a statement of fact about what shampoo I use), but I imagine any clarifying shampoo will do well for you. Thanks for asking!

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  7. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    I use L'Oreal Kids Swim & Sport Shampoo. It comes in the cute little fish bottle, but if that's bothersome you can always decant it into a more "grown-up" bottle. It's formulated for removing pool chemicals, and I've found that it works a lot better on my hair than regular clarifying shampoo does.

  8. Im on the high school swim team, we are in the water 12 times a week.. 2 hours in the morning Monday thru Saturday and 3 hours in the afternoon Monday thru Saturday.. My hair has had it! I need stuff that works fast and good on Brown hair.

  9. Another great line of hair care products for swimmers is from Malibu Wellness. They offer a shampoo, conditioner and demineralizer specifically designed for swimmers to combat the effects of chlorine. They just introduced a new Malibu C Swim & Sport Skin Care Kit too. It's a complete wellness skin care kit formulated especially for the athlete, competitive and recreational swimmer exposed to pools, open water, sun and pollution. Available at

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