Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Question About Goggle Sting

My well-sealed goggles burn my eyes (not the chlorine). Any ideas why and/or how to fix?

My trustworthy clear goggles that have served me well since September have started to split at the gasket, given me fair warning that I should be looking for a new pair. Given that, this AM I wore the pair I use outdoors which have a blue sun-glasses like tint to them. They are a good pair given they fit snug and have no leaks, but today when I wore them (first time all indoor season), my eyes began burning (and still are) as if I were soaking them in a chlorine bath. I had no such problem with the older clear goggles, and I recall having the same trouble with these blue goggles last summer, though at the time I blamed the pool chemicals. Perhaps I misplaced the source of the problem? Now I'm fairly convinced that the problem lies with the goggles.

Question: Has anyone else had burning associated with their goggles? Important, mine aren't leaking yet apparently make my eyes burn!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Best Above Ground Pool Ever

Like all above ground pools, there are drawbacks. They can fall apart. pic and story

Rebuilt, filled and ready for laps : Best above ground pool ever

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Why You Don't Screw Around at the Pool

Screen shot below says enough, but you might want to watch what leads up to this. I have no idea if the guy is ok. I'm guessing some back trouble may be in his future.

Swimming Pool Toss-In Fail - Watch more Funny Videos