Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Plan to Swim from LA to Hawaii

If you've been watching this blog, you may have noted that I've recently added to my profile my swimming goals for the next seven years. Seven years you ask? Yes, I plan to swim to Hawaii! That's right campers. I found that I was occasionally getting seriously bored with the lap after lap thing. Not that I was going anywhere, but I needed a goal and I didn't want to abandon all I had accomplished. So I've set a seven year goal, with intermittent goals along the way. First I'll swim the distance of Lake Michigan's width (88 miles out of Milwaukee). At my pace, I can do that in about 66 days or less. Next is the length of the same. Then there are the more formidable goals - the length of the Mississippi (we can pretend it's upstream), and the width of the Gulf of Mexico. Then to really make this work - swim across America from NYC to LA, and on out across the Pacific to Hawaii. By the way, this is all concurrent (and unofficially, I may already be most of the way there, but for fun, I'm starting at zero). So keep watching this blog. I'll keep you posted on my progress. If you want to join me - this isn't a race - I'll link to your blog. Wish me luck!

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