Friday, September 22, 2006

Found Heaven - Now its Hell

Recent posts mentioned the change in season and the cold snap. I stuck it out though and have gotten comfortable with the chilly water to the point of really enjoying it. A bunch of us have. Water temp as of yesterday was 66 F. I wouldn't have thought I would have liked it since I've had ear drum pain below about 75, but somehow I've avoided it. Wearing the swim cap is keeping my head warm. The cool water had a clean, almost electric snap to it. The warm sun on my back makes it like heaven. Problems though. Too much of a good thing. Today the lifeguard admin (Darth Vader would be a good name) decided without asking those of us who swam that it was too cold - they don't even get wet - and they closed the pool! They said hypothermia sets in at 65 after one-half hour. I don't buy it. It's certainly better than the 90+ degree water at the end of July. We were ready to stroke out (no pun intended) in those conditions. Anyhow, we had to swim indoors where the water was at least 84 F. That was a shock to my system. I about fell out 1000 meteres into my routine. Ugh!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Human Gills - the Holy Grail of Swimming

Gills? Is this the holy grail of swimming? I think we may have something here. I put this in my wanted category along with the heads up display swim goggles.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vote for Reasonable Global Warming

Got back from a Labor Day trip out of town and the pool temp was 72! Where did the perfect days I longed for all summer (dropped from the hot higher 80’s to this in three days)? Am I missing something? Did someone drop ice in the pool over the weekend? I had to stoop to wearing a cap this AM just to keep my eardrums from going numb. Well, here’s one vote for some immediate global warming. Rev up those SUV’s people!