Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gadgets for Swimming I'd Like to See

This past December, the YMCA where I do most of my lap swimming got a slew of new equipment for the workout room. The pool area got some "Hydroriders" which as I understand them are basically stationary bicycles one operates off the floor of the pool much as you might any other stationary bicycle (except with these you get wet before your workout). They have a resistance paddle that spins through the water. Needless to say for us lap swimmers, this isn't much to be excited about. They just take up valuable lane space when they're not spread out on the pool deck. It occurs to me that there are few innovations non-competitive lap swimmers can appreciate. Outside of the non-drag suit, there are only a few others. Some I've seen are the wrist worn underwater stop watch (they are almost ubiquitous among serious lap swimmers), the heart monitor (I've only seen one guy using one of these), the mp3 player (here, I've only heard of one - though I've seen them in ads). I'd like to have a pair of those goggles with the heads-up lap count/pace/distance display I referenced in 2006. I'd like to see every pool add lap counters as standard equipment (why they don't is a mystery to me). For grins, it might be nice to have a couple large screen, flat panel television monitors installed in the floor of my favorite lane (ESPN highlights would work fine without sound). Maybe the people who like attention grabbing, large capital outlays can appreciate that crazy idea. Here's looking to the future!

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