Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marathon Swimmer Dies of ...

Fran Crippen, a marathon race swimmer (10K swimmer) from Philadelphia died earlier this week due to some undefined complications related to a swim he was participating in the United Arab Emirates.  This article, courtesy of CNN, cites several causes 1) severe fatigue 2) heart attack and 3) water and air temperature, oh and let's not forget 4) they took two hours to find his body (2-hours ??? on a pre-determined race course ???).  Anyhow, I can't but help to think that a primary cause had to have been the temperature.  Water temps over 80 degrees F. in any race, much less a race of endurance, is asking for trouble.  The water temp was cited at 87 F. and the air temp, 100 F.  The race organizers are lucky others did not fall out.  It is my opinion that to hold a race of endurance in such conditions is unconscionable.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Look like crap in a bathing suit? Get in line

Get your butt off the couch, out of the chips bag, and in to the pool.  Your excuses are over.  OVER.  You can't give yourself excuses.  If you do, you won't go.  Go to the pool for five straight days.  Give yourself two days off as a reward and repeat (no, not the two days off ... the five days at the pool).  Don't worry about your speed, don't worry about what you look like.  Honestly, no one at the pool in the off season really cares.  None of us have a real tan by November.  Those who swim indoors know, if you do fit in your swim suit and can still look good, you are the exception.  Once you are in the water no one really notices anyhow.  Wear a towel like everyone else until you jump in.  Indoor swimming is not the beauty contest outdoor swimming between 10am and 4pm can be.  Indoor swimmers are usually only there because they want to work out, loosen up, or cool down from a dry land workout.  The time of day does not matter.  The pool temperature does not matter.  The intensity of the sun ... does not matter.  Indoor swimmers have no excuse.  Just swim, people.  Swim!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Lifeguard Makes Pool Rescue - All Caught on Film

Click this link to see a play-by-play water rescue.   Notice the refined use of the frog kick to get extra power.  Note:  Click on the pictures to enlarge.