Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharing a Lane - Did I Earn Bad Karma?

OK, so two of my more recent posts to this blog were about lane sharing (the pros and cons). Well, given my luck this AM, it seems I angered someone - Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas, perhaps?  Here's my story.

Started the day circle swimming with two other guys.  Third guy dropped out after about 15 minutes so second guy suggests we swim our respective sides (parallel).  I agree and quickly take my side for a full lap (up and back).  But upon my second flip turn, I have completely zoned out, forgotten the new parallel routine and am circle swimming again.  What good could come of this? you ask.

Well, I got what I deserve.  As I type this, I am sporting a "shiner" where the second guy hit me in the left eye (goggled fortunately) at full freestyle reach.  I got him on the top of his head in a similar stretch.  It felt like a boxing match, to tell the truth.  It didn't end there.  Momentum forced us both forward despite the punches and we slammed heads together - think rams fighting over the top of the mountain.

In the end, things worked out. We both shook it off and stayed to complete our workouts, and laughed it off when we were done.  My lane partner seemed concerned about the mark he'd left.  I just chalk it up say "my bad".


  1. Ouch! This incident kind of reminded me of my glory swimming days...

    I dislocated my pinkie swimming into the back of a kid who'd suddenly stopped in the middle of the lane during a warm-up at a competition years ago. Who said swimming wasn't a contact sport ;)

  2. I resonant your paina as well. I got jabbed in the thigh (from the other swimmer's frog kick), but I try to look on the bright side because if I weren't sharing a lane, I wouldn't be swimming at all. Btw, what's your advice on drying swimming suit?

  3. Thanks for the comment, I'll add a post about drying suits - that works for me - soon. Thanks for a good idea and thanks for reading my blog too (that's thanks X 3 wow!)!


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