Monday, December 31, 2007

Year 2007 is Over - Some Thoughts on Goals and Achievements

2007 has turned out to be a good year for me as far as middle age and swimming goes. I'm finding the goals I've set are achievable and have pushed me further than I really ever imagined. I was hoping to beat 500,000 meters and passed it early this Autumn. I started out doing 2100 meters per session and finished the year doing an average 3500 meters in a session which for me was unimaginable just a few short years ago. I finish the year with just over 369 miles under my belt (ok, swim suit string), in just under 250 swim days. Don't know what aging and time availability will bring in the coming years, but for now I feel I'm on the right track. These long-term goals are where it's at for me and I encourage all to try similar tactics. I'm making a lot of friends along the way. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a wet and wild 2008!

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