Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Milestones Achieved - Progress toward Goals is Important

If you've scanned this blog's format much at all, you've probably noted the set of personal goals I've set up to the left of my posts (English Channel, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Michigan, LA to Honolulu, etc.). Sure they are silly, but they keep me going and give people who know little about swimming laps, some perspective. Maybe one day, I'll actually do one of these for real (yeah, right!). Still, I've found these goals a lot of fun. Tracking my progress daily and seeing my numbers climb has been especially stimulating. Today I hit a milestone on my tracker I started keeping in January '07. Today, I broke the 100,000 meter point, the 2,000 circular lap point and the 4,000 lengths point. Seeing this makes me realize that I am making progress and is pushing me to keep this up. Besides all that, 100 kilometers looks kind of cool. You can do this too. Set your own goals and track your progress. You'll be amazed how fun it can be.

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