Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AmazonSwim Team Update - Fascinating!

The following is a brief summary regarding the past few days of Martin Strel's swim down the Amazon to the Atlantic. This news is entirely gleemed from amazonswim.com which I encourage you to visit for the pics and news from the team itself. This post like all the rest is because I am still and will continue to remain in awe.

This week Martin and his small support boat got separated, then out of contact with the larger team boat. They fortunately found each other at 3am downstream somewhere along the banks of the great river. Martin and his crew were taking turns sleeping and fighting mosquitoes. One confusing, scary and exciting adventure concerns not Martin, but a physician on the team, who reportedly had a near fatal allergic reaction but got treatment and is now apparently back in the saddle so to speak. The next report has her successfully treating a young woman who fell from a tree and was tragically impaled (a warning, the description of the wound is not one you'd ever want on your worst enemy). I guess the physician is better - yeah! Maybe there is really a reason Martin is doing this crazy thing?! Martin of course, continues to amaze. He has now broken his personal distance record for river swimming and capped it off in amazing Steve Irwin fashion by escaping a spinning whirlpool that had both him and his support boat spinning round. Here's the link again if I've now got you intrigued. Reports have it that the next phase of the trip will be MORE dangerous. Will keep you posted.

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