Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Martin's Swum 1000's of KMs - Now the Hard Part

Martin Strel is fast approaching the Atlantic Ocean in his quest to swim the complete length of the Amazon River. Amazingly he's done this all since the beginning of February '07! As you might imagine, he's become something of a living legend to the people who live along the world's largest river. That's Martin in the middle of the crowd - the guy without a shirt on - signing autographs. When in the water, Martin's daily distance has slowed as he now must battle waves and currents. Once again, I refer you to this awesome summary of waves in the Amazon (hint: among others, there is a surfing video). Also, more threatening, Martin's tracking site is reporting that they are now coming into areas high in piranhas and have confirmed sightings of same.

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  1. I don't know if Strel is an adrenaline junky or just crazy, but there's no way I'd swim where piranhas recently killed a little girl--but I could lose a few pounds and still be okay technically overweight.


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