Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shower Before You Swim - A Reason You May Not Have Thought Of

It's a little known fact by people who swim regularly that odors linger just above the surface of the water. I've been swimming alone, not looking up and known when someone else has entered the pool room (clear across the pool) just from the minor change in odors in the cavernous room. Just a small change might be evident, but whatever it is, settles just above the water and stays there - magnified. This can be particularly unpleasant when the gardening crews lay down organic mulch (read cow poop) around the grounds of outdoor pools I've noticed it with people who follow advice to keep their hair in good condition. They'll put conditioner on prior to jumping in. Then of course there is the unwashed or cologne/perfume people. These really hit hard. For some reason, it's just stronger right above the water. So people, here's a tip. Shower before you jump in. While most folks just ignore the "Shower before you swim" signs, and go right in, there is a real problem you just might not realize. You might think you smell good when you pass by that hot looking life guard, but those of us in the water? We're gagging! Shower please!

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