Thursday, February 15, 2007

Get Moving and Stay Moving

When doing flip turns, there's one thing I hate almost as much as getting the occasional sinus jolt and that is the repercussions of a poor push off the wall. If you routinely do flip turns, you are all too aware that hitting the wall perfectly - you know, with both feet planted and knees perfectly bent, primed and ready to push out - isn't necessarily a sure thing every time. Do two hundred flip turns, and your bound to miss a couple. It just happens. This happens most often with me when my mind is off somewhere else (in la la land). Anyway, missing that good push off the wall leads to the inevitable need to exert extra effort to get back up to speed. Basically, a poor push off means you must start from almost zero. When it happens to me, it just makes me mad. I don't want to work back up to speed. I propose that maintaining momentum is a primary reason some people can swim well and others can not. In past posts I've mentioned the torpedo body form to enhance a slipstream through the water and minimize the opposing force of oncoming water - which slow one down. Kicking off is basically the same thing. It gets you moving and negates the excess force you must expend to resume your speed. So wake up when you get near that wall, you've got to keep the wheel turning!


  1. Hi. Found your blog via a Technorati "swimming" tag search and very glad I did. Your writing is inspiring and fascinating to say the least, thanks for a great read. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the feel good comment! I've just installed the feed, so I'm glad to see its pumping out my whims to the world. Write soon! Send pics.

  3. Hey again, Splash Dog. You might want to check your subscription links in your left-hand column, ie. "RSS", "Add to Google", "My Yahoo!" ... they're all broken.

    Do you have an e-mail address?


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