Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Amazon Shows Hints of Future Challenge to Martin

I was going to write today more blah, blah, blah about swimming technique but the most recent posts from Martin's Amazon swim are too fascinating to ignore. Here are some highlights I've gleamed from the site. Over the past few days, an alligator slipped off the bank into the water. Martin swam on. Later, the support boat got stranded and sent out an SOS. Martin swam on. The team had dinner with a regional dignitary. Martin ate barefooted (very cool). The team arrived at one "abandoned" village where a man approached with a gun, followed by women waving machetes. Talk about Amazon!


  1. another swimming resource you might want to check out is dynoswim.com. they have some neat functionality to search for swim workouts, submit your own swim workouts, keep track of which ones you completed, etc. i hope you like it.

  2. Thanks, I will check it out. - Splash Dog


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