Friday, April 01, 2011

Rest Period to Include All Swimmers Says Govt Health Official

A new law hits swimming pools across the nation this summer that will impact swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Citing the success of 10 minute rest periods for children, starting summer 2011, all swimming pools will be required to enforce rest period for all persons, regardless of age. The new law, written at the close of last year's season, hit the books April 1st. "We believe this will enhance the economy by stimulating the snack bar business," said a Government spokesperson who asked to remain anonymous.



  1. I believe it is a good idea. People need to rest after a swim. When I travelled to Argentina, I got an apartment for rent in buenos aires that had a pool. I really enjoyed it but I was totally aware of when to rest and everything.

  2. You need to be rested atleast 30 mins after a swim ..

  3. Thanks so much for this information. I wish to register my little daughter to a similar class. DO you have any recommendations for different places across the east coast? Something not to shabby?


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