Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Course Lap Swimming - First Thing, it's not Short

I'm starting my long course season on Monday when my outdoor 50 meter pool - also known to my faithful readers as "heaven" - opens for the season. If all goes well, I'll be out there until September 30th. This brief rest between Friday (yesterday), and Monday gives me pause to consider what changes I can expect. Making this switch from 25 meter indoor pool to 50 meter outdoor pool is not without its challenges.

One of the first things I always notice on day one in the 50 pool is that I feel every meter of it. There is a lot to be said for having a wall in front of you (when you are sprinting), that is always less than 25 meters away. I'm wondering how long it will take to adapt, or if I really will? No matter the pool length, I really look forward to those micro-rests that I get during the flip turns. In the 50, there will only be half as many now, and then they will be longer between them. Oh!

On the positive side, long course swimming is great for muscle building. You've got a longer time to be working a stroke before you have to pause.

A lot of people don't like 50 meter pools for the exact reason of the name - "50 meters". 50 is a long way for some people and they just plain, avoid them. I say, give it a chance. Take it a little easy and work your way into it. I think I'm a better swimmer because of 50 meter pools. I think you can be too.

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