Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Swimmer Who Can Barely Swim 100 Meters

So you think you're a fast swimmer but you know you aren't exactly up to speed with Michael Phelps? Check this video out. It starts out kind of funny, but before you're through watching, you may say, yes, I'm Olympic caliber too.

Yes, this really is the Olympics (from Sydney).


  1. I remember this. We called him Eric the Eel here in the UK, as we had a Ski Jumper a few years back called Eric the Eagle, and he was not very good at ski jumping!

    The most important thing to remember, is that he did his best, and although no great swimmer, still the best that his country had, so still a hero really!

  2. was it not eddie the eagle

  3. This video was extremely funny. Talk about no completion. I don’t really remember watching the Sydney Olympics but I wish I did just for this race.

  4. You've got to feel sorry for the guy. With only a week's worth of coaching, he could have been so better!


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