Monday, August 25, 2008

Baywatch in the Next Lane - My Surprise

Swimming next to a fast swimmer can make you swim faster. It works for me. I've proven it to myself by keeping a daily log and noting disparities from day to day. If I swim next to a fast swimmer, my times are nearly always better. But this AM was different.

Today, I had a pair of swimmers next to me that were clearly of a different caliber. I started out thinking I'd keep up. Then I realized that wasn't going to happen when I got passed twice in six lengths. Much to my dismay, this continued throughout my entire workout. Since I didn't feel under the weather at all I came to the conclusion that the pair were faster than any that had ever swam in the lane next to me before.

When I was done with 2000 meters, I paused and a regular pulled up in the other lane next to me. I mentioned that I was getting a little bit of wake-zone activity in my lane. My neighbor's reply? "Well you should, that's Ashley Tappin. She was an Olympic Gold medalist in the Sydney games' 4X100 freestyle relay (alternate)."

I got home and looked it up. She sure was gold. She was also asked to be on Baywatch, as a celebrity walk-on. My friend didn't mention that. I couldn't decide which was better! :)

I don't feel so bad now, but I sure feel slow! I expect I'll remember today for a long time.

Here are two other references (ref 1 ref 2).

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  1. You have been professing, for quite some time, how you feel better when you exercise, and when you don't get a chance to swim for several days, you really start to miss it.

    Well, I had to find out for myself, and that's exactly what I did yesterday. Went to the gym, was told I was technically "obese," and then shown what exercises I should do 3 to 5 times a week. (These were added to doing Cardio, which I already knew about.)

    It really came as a surprise for me to be "obese," and I immediately started to form some sort of excuse in my mind, but the fact is: I'm obese. Not morbidly obese, but still obese. I've always thought that I'm about average in terms of being overweight, but I guess that shows you how badly Americans take care of themselves!

    Anyway, yesterday after my appointment to be told how overweight I really was (actually I think they call it a "health eval" at the gym), I came home and started working, thinking of taking a my usual nap around 2:00.

    But you know what, I had a tremendous amount of energy for the rest of the day! Yeah, I still fell asleep super-early, but I was active until about 7:30!

    And to add a cherry on top, I woke this morning -- no alarm -- at 4:45, ready to go again! I can't wait to get to the point where working out just becomes part of my daily routine, rather than a reason to keep from smoking!



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