Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to Adapt to Your Environment

Many times in life we face an environment can seem so intimidating you just say "screw it" and quit. Such times are quite frequent when you are starting an exercise program. The new environment that you are introducing yourself to can seem almost alien, uncomfortable, perhaps even painful. Yet, if you look out there you'll see plenty of people who have managed to taken on that exact "alien" environment and overcome it and thrived. Swimming can be like that. Go to any lap pool and you will see some folks floundering and a few streaming through the water like dolphins. Are they any different than the flounder? No, they've just figured it out. If you desire to swim well, I encourage you to take the time to learn the basics. Read on the subject - this blog (and many other places on the internet) is a great place to start (see archives). Be sure to get your doctor's ok, if you are not used to exercise - you don't want to go in too fast, adaptation takes time. Once approved to proceed, when it gets tough, you can still say "screw it" but instead of quitting, face up to the effort you are going to need to expend. If you go home sore, say "screw it" again and put it out of your mind. Go back for another workout. Believe it or not, if you maintain a routine, you will adapt to the change in your environment. Realize that change takes time, but change will happen. Soon you will be swimming with the fishes - in a good way.

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