Friday, November 16, 2007

#1 Tip on Getting the Killer Swimmers Body

If you are reading this post in anticipation of a get slim fast tip is, think again. Such ideas are the stuff of legend. The only way you can get a killer, swimmers body is to stick with the program. I'm not there yet (probably never will be at my age), but I've noted after many years of swimming a distinct change in my body mass and physique. The first change I noticed was muscle tone. That happened fairly quick. Just using my muscles made them less flabby. I also noted my upper torso got larger but fell back to my love handles whenever I took a week off. The real changed have happened over the course of several years as I made swimming part of who I am - not when I was just swimming casually. After I started to take the sport seriously, I noticed body changes that I never even expected. My shoulders are larger, my thighs and lower legs much thinner, and my face skinnier. None of this happened overnight. I'm guessing this is true of most exercise programs for most sports. The sports gods we all see on TV and on the sports pages didn't just get that way from a few weeks of working out. They did it by making their sport part of what they are. By doing so, they become part of it. So if you are exercising to get toned, that's cool ... it won't take long. If you want that killer swimmers body, it takes a lifetime.

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  1. I AGREE!

    Instead of losing 20 pounds in 3 months, It's taken me 3 years. I have 10 pounds to go, or a year or so I suppose. But you know what? It will stay off.

    Diet is king, exercise is queen


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