Friday, December 08, 2006

Climate, climate, climate

I've reflected on pool water temperature before. I'm a bit obsessed about it. These cold days, I'm spending lots of time indoors. The pool I swim in is installed above an open air parking garage. As you might imagine, this creates all kinds of havoc on pool temperature control. If it gets cold out, as it did today (14 degrees F.), the pool guys set the water temp high. I'm guessing this keeps the water from getting too cold, too fast? (Usually it just breaks the heater). Anyway, the water gets hot - uhg! Then I get lethargic and can't push at all. I shouldn't complain. It's still cooler than any other pool in town. I've heard some of the other pools like to keep their air temp within two degrees of the water temp. Some new climate control thing. Imagine 84 degree water - that equates to 82 to 86 degree room temp - double uhg! On the plus side, a small relative difference makes it easy to jump in I guess. No shivering.

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