Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hot Pools - Where'd my Sweat Go?

Cold? That was the description I got today from the guard as I dipped my toe into the water in the indoor pool I’ve been using since late September when they finally closed my little bit of heaven. Can’t blame them - oh, yes I can and I do - it got down to about 65 degrees and they were worried we’d develop hypothermia - yeah, right. Anyhoo, I’ve been inside since then - uhg! Today was 82 - a bit warmer than 65 you might say. I really enjoyed the cold. My body seemed to thrive in that temperature. No overheating to worry about and the top layer was just perfect with the morning sun heating it up. Now that I’m indoors I have to do the serious scrub thing in the shower to get the sweat scum off - it builds up in the water and then solidifies on the skin. You don’t even see it until you start scrubbing with an abrasive sponge, then it starts coming off in little nodules. Gross! At least it’s been purified by all the chlorine!

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