Thursday, October 26, 2006

Distance Swimming - Like Marathon Training

I've been thinking a long time about how I got into swimming distances. It didn't just happen. I sort of eased into it - doing a little bit more every couple of months. I stumbled across an article about running, which in some ways covers the approach I took to swimming. It's an interesting read (especially for runners). If anyone has a good one on swimming, send me the link.


  1. hey, so what length(s) are typically considered "distance swimming"? or, for example, what would be the swimmer's equivalent of a marathon?

    (sorry, I don't have an article)

  2. I consider distance swimming any non-stop swimming over the course of about a half-hour or more (the non-stop part is key). For a guy I used to be in awe of who swam at my pool, it was something like 48 hours of swimming non-stop (he was in Guiness Book of World Records at one time for such a feat).


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