Friday, August 11, 2006

Hot Water

It's been hot for the past few weeks and the water temperature in the outdoor pool where I swim has climbed from a comfortable 80 - 82 degrees F. range to as high as 91 (yesterday was 88 and holding - forgot to check this AM). We daily lap swimmers have been having a running battle with the pool admin lady who doesn't seem to appreciate the value of the aerator (pumps out and sprays water into the air so it gets cooled off before returning to the pool). She's come up with an unbelievable number of implausible excuses for not using the unit "Plug doesn't wor" - try the next plug down, it does; "Kids don't like it" - use it when the kids aren't there (5am - 10am), besides they play under the spraying crayons, what's the difference?; "It's broken" - no it's not. What gives? I think it just weighs a ton and her small framed, afraid to raise a finger, first-job teenage lifeguards can't lift it easily (remember, these are the same people hired to save overweight, flailing people who have heart attackes - after all, they are "certified"). Anyhow, I'm just whining here. It happens whenever my workout routine gets compromised. The hot water has put my time off by a whole minute on the mile! Lethargy is the name of my new stroke. Here's hoping for an early Fall.

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