Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pointing Elbows

I must apologize for my artwork (see previous post).  Also, please note this post is about freestyle arm movement - not kicking.  I realize the pictures have the legs in the same position throughout.  OK, I’m accused of not kicking much, so I suppose it’s accurate.  Anyhoo, the drawing isn’t of me either - yet it sort of looks like it might be.  Too weird.  
Well, I wanted to talk about pointing your elbows.  If you look at the top drawing and then at the picture (closely, maybe with a magnifying glass), you’ll see two demonstrations of pointing your elbow at the sky as you come out of your pull and go into your stretch.  Try to scratch the sky with your elbow, i.e. make your arm come out of the water in a vertical position (or rather perpendicular to the water’s surface) - sort of like a shark fin.

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