Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Picking a Pair of Swim Goggles

Off topic, but relevant, today we discuss goggles. Read bottom of post for my choice - you won't believe it it's so cool! First off, don't worry about what they look like. All goggles make the most attractive person look like an alien. Go for utility and lifespan. Obviously, you want them to fit snuggly so they don't leak. Avoid anything cheap - almost by definition, they'll leak. I prefer the single piece molded variety and avoid the three piece units (those with the snap on nose piece). Larger varieties are catching on - Navy Seals use these. But take note, Olympic swimmers seem to prefer the smallest types. I also look for a strap that I can adjust easily. Some are nearly impossible to adjust, while others have a poor rubber quality that breaks soon after purchase. Choose a name brand you are familiar with. You pay a little more, but you usually are ensured some level of quality. OK, here's an awesome pair of goggles. I want a pair - NOW! Attention vendors - I'll volunteer to be the first customer and guarantee you a mention in this blog.

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