Friday, January 27, 2006

Swims Like a Fish

"Swim like a fish." Those words sound clear enough. "Do what a fish does and you'll move through the water just fine." OK, fine. What kind of fish? Shark? Whale? Blowfish? Jellyfish? My point is deeper than you might think. Each of these moves through the water their own way. Some of them are more efficient than others. Each breathes differently than the next (I think). Each propels itself differently (I'm certain). Now when I watch swimmers in lanes next to me, I see the same thing. Everyone seems to have his or her own style. There's the attorney who swims a couple times a week for an hour at a time - no stops. In my 45 minutes, I usually pass him about twelve times, yet I bet he's getting more exercise than me. He's certainly expending more energy, pulling his head out of the water and bending his body at oblique angles with each stroke. Then there is the small dark-skinned woman I saw one morning - only once, my ego thanks God - who was like a flash of lightening. We'd kick off the wall at the same time and by my third breath (about 2/3rds of the length of the pool), she was already coming back past me going the other way. What is going on here? What was she doing that I had no clue about?

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