Thursday, January 26, 2006

The NBA Pool

Back when I was a freshman in college, I swam laps in a pool in the basement of an old college building used for social events. Few people even knew there was a pool there so new faces were usually a novelty in the lap lanes. One day, one of the varsity basketball players, a near seven foot tall guy who was built like an oak, got in the pool (he later went on to play for the NBA, so you know he was no wus). To this day - 25 years later - I have never seen such a strong man swim. Just moving his huge, football sized hands made waves splash over the pool edge. His kick was powerful too - like one of those boats that push barges up the Mississippi. But despite having the equipment and the power, the man could not propel his body forward much faster than I could crawl along the pool deck. To this day, I've wondered about that. Why couldn't he swim? What skill (or knowledge) did I have that he did not? I didn't know. This blog journal is my life-long attempt to discover that secret. Some have found it, yet it aludes so many others. Hope I can help.

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