Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Love the Pool but Hate the Crowds?

Someone has built a remote - and by remote, I mean nearly inaccessible - swimming pool as an art exhibit. I'd make fun of the old cliche' "Your tax dollars at work," but it's a pool!



  1. I think that I want to switch my pool from chlorine to salt water. I hear that it is a lot better for people. I would love to really see the comparisons side by side. http://www.leesurepools.com/pool-remodeling

  2. My friend down in Florida wants to get a swimming pool installed in their back yard. I don't mean like a 10'x10'x6', I mean like one of these enormous and beautiful pools. Thoughts?

  3. Interesting piece, but not sure I get the point of having it built in such a remote location.

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