Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Zealand Emperor Penguin Swim

OK so the Diane Nyad swim from Cuba to FL tanked before it could really get going. My heart still goes out to the old gal. Still, we were all stoked to see this happen so I was beside myself when I found a new distance swim tracking opportunity to share with you guys.

Whoever has seen the movie Happy Feet knows about the cute animated penguin that swam a great distance to save his flock ("flock" is that what a penguin group is called? Whatever). There is a real life Happy Feet emperor penguin that somehow made it to New Zealand. Some good hearts got it in their minds that they ought to take this real life critter and get it back on track to the arctic. They've put a tracking device on it's back (just like in the movie), dropped it into the middle of the sea and now you can track its progress as it moves across the Arctic Ocean to home, we hope.

Here's the link. Click on "Map" when the page opens, then drill down using the "+" sign. Clicking on the points between the blue lines gives you the date and time of the last geo-location tag.

OK, so this isn't the kind of distance swim I usually discuss here, but what the heck. Good luck, Happy Feet!

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  1. Hey good luck penguy! Just as in Happy Feet, here's to hoping that you will be united with your folks in the artic. You go Emperor!


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