Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Question About Goggle Sting

My well-sealed goggles burn my eyes (not the chlorine). Any ideas why and/or how to fix?

My trustworthy clear goggles that have served me well since September have started to split at the gasket, given me fair warning that I should be looking for a new pair. Given that, this AM I wore the pair I use outdoors which have a blue sun-glasses like tint to them. They are a good pair given they fit snug and have no leaks, but today when I wore them (first time all indoor season), my eyes began burning (and still are) as if I were soaking them in a chlorine bath. I had no such problem with the older clear goggles, and I recall having the same trouble with these blue goggles last summer, though at the time I blamed the pool chemicals. Perhaps I misplaced the source of the problem? Now I'm fairly convinced that the problem lies with the goggles.

Question: Has anyone else had burning associated with their goggles? Important, mine aren't leaking yet apparently make my eyes burn!

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  1. Hi there, just came across this post and was wondering if you had discovered the problem? Just started having this issue myself.


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