Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beware of the Death Ray at this Swimming Pool

Do you like those fancy glimmering buildings in Las Vegas?  You know, the ones with beautiful swimming pools at the foot of them?  Beware.  One of them has what some are calling a "death ray" that appears when the sun hits the building and reflects down onto the pool area creating a super hot spot you are strongly advised to avoid.  Read more here.


  1. Hello. I've a question. I just got 4 stitches 3 days ago. I missed swimming so much though, do you think it's ok to swim before they're taken out? Thanks.

  2. Kim - I'm not medically trained so I can't give medical advice. Still, I feel your pain - a day or two without swimming is like going without sleep for me! Give your doctor's assistant (nurse, etc.) a quick call and ask your question. Hope you get back in the pool soon!


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