Thursday, November 19, 2009

Danny Kunze - World Record High Dive

Another one for the swimming heros award - I think I need to add a sub-category for the real whack-jobs. This guy seems sane until he starts going higher, and higher, and ... yeah, he's a whack-job, but he is still alive so ... hmmm.


  1. In 1918, it is reported that Alick Wickham dove 205 feet and 9 inches in the Yarra River in Australia. Alick was from the Solomon Islands. He was reportedly in a coma for a week.

  2. The 'official' world record I keep coming across is by Oliver Favre who dove into open water in 1987 in France from a height of 177 feet (53.94 m).

    According to the free fall equation (not accounting for wind resistance) he would have been in flight for longer than 3 seconds and reached a speed of 72.80 mph prior to entry!


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