Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can the Weather Impact Your Swimming?

"It's going to rain. I can feel it in my bones." That oft repeated phrase, usually attributed to old people is coming home to roost for me. As I've aged (I'm a middle-40's guy), I'm noting more and more that when the weather changes, I can feel my joints and bones aching. This is particularly true when a front is coming through and the weather goes from hot to cool, or the other way around - even on the nicest of days. These fronts bring pressure changes with them. How does this have anything to do with swimming? I don't know (yet), but today I took steps to find out.

I installed a gadget on my home page that tracks the barometric pressure in my geographic area. I'll be tracking that pressure over time and seeing how it impacts my efforting. I expect I'll find something. Check back on this blog over the next six months. I should have a beginning base line to report.

PS As a side note, I'd like to apologize for my lack of recent posts. No 'scuses. I just hope to do better going forward. Thanks for reading!

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