Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zero-Entry Pools - How to Make Your Kid into a Coward

The first swim club I belonged to (as a kid) was a pond with a sandy beach, a pier, tall slides and high diving boards. No, you couldn't see the bottom. That made it more fun! To this day, I love lake swimming. I have acquaintances who enjoy pools but won't go near a pond or lake because you can't see the bottom. We never thought our swimming area was risky - but given today's litigious society swim clubs like this aren't even considered any more by developers. Why? Insurance premiums.

Now they've gone a step further. New pools are now being promoted to the public as "zero-entry". As I understand it, that means the entire pool has no sides, just a gradual slope. What's wrong with sides? Sure, one can fall in. Duh! But life has some risks. What's Johnny going to do when he slips into a pond? Will it be the first time he's ever fallen into water? If it is, Mom shouldn't be surprised if Johnny doesn't come out.

I think developments like "zero-entry" can only make water more dangerous for people.


  1. Thanks it is a wonderful guide, now to make our kid into a coward is without a doubt easy utilizing your guidance. Thanks

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    That is ridiculous. Zero-entry pools are *just like* a natural body of water. The gradual entry is like a beach, which makes it easier for small children to safely get used to water, and find the right depth for them without jeopardizing their lives with a sudden CLIFF. It also allows the elderly and infirm enjoy the water who otherwise would not be able to climb in and out of a pool.

    Zero-entry pools are usually only zero-entry on one side, not in all directions. One can still enjoy the edge of the pool with enough depth to be submerged--it just allows more accessibility for people of ALL ages and various physical conditions so that they can also enjoy the fun. And it allows you to just wade in a bit if you want rather than plunge in entirely.

  3. AnonymousJuly 13, 2014

    Thank you, I have RA and the exercising in water is beneficial. I am unable to use steps or a ladder. Zero entry is the only I can get in and out of the pool.


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