Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hold your Breath - Here's Something to Think About

One strategy I want to focus on first is breathing technique. If you can breathe regularly (in and out without a respirator) you should be able to breathe easily once you've learned some basics about water fun. If you've ever seen someone who is uncomfortable in the water, the first thing they do when they put their head under for just a second or two is to lift up their head quickly and take a huge breath. Why? These folks certainly aren't out of breath after just a second or two. Something else is at work. Probably some sort of survival instinct. In future posts, we're going to work on that and then learn some simple timing rules so that one can breathe regularly in the water. In the mean time, if you are here to learn something about swimming technique, I suggest you sit down in your favorite easy chair and think about your breathing. Don't laugh - that will screw this all up. Really! OK, are you in your chair? Relax and close your eyes. Notice your breathing cadence, your effort, how much air you are bringing in and letting out. Tonight, tomorrow or whenever you are in the shower, think about these same things. Focus on the ease. Think of something peaceful. If you can build a memory of how breathing feels, when we finally get in the pool, you are going to be much better able to build good breathing technique quickly than if you have not. Now breathe!

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